Oil Perfumes: Four reasons why you should be using them.


Oil Perfumes: Four reasons why you should be using them.

Oil perfumes, also known as “attar oils” are quickly taking the world over by storm. In South Africa alone, I have personally seen the fast rise of Al-Nuaim and Surrati oil perfumes over the years. But the question is, why? Well, they are small, affordable, and easy to use. Yet they smell amazing with a large variety of scents to chose from. So here are four reasons why you should be using oil perfumes.

Safe to use

Oil-based fragrances are exactly that, oil. They are made from natural ingredients and don’t contain any alcohol. That means they don’t dry up your skin and leave you moist all day long on areas where you applied them. They basically don’t contain a lot of chemicals. They mainly contain natural stuff. That means they are less likely to cause allergic reactions and skin irritations.

Wide variety

Perfume oil brands like Al-Nuaim and Surrati have a wide variety of scents on their list. Scents such as White Oudh, Black Oudh, Black Mischief, Dubai Gold, Fawakeh, and many more others. This means that there is a unique scent for everyone. We all want to stand out and be memorable. These oils will help you do just that without emptying the wallet.


Yes, fragrance oils are very affordable, and the quality one gets can compete with and even be better than most mainstream alcohol-based perfumes. All this with just a fraction of the price.

Easy to use

To top it all off, oil perfumes are easy to apply on both the skin and on fabric. The best part is that they are long-lasting. On the skin, they can last anything between 8 – 15 hours and on the fabric, they can last for days.

So head on to our collection of oil perfumes to find something you can try out. I promise you that you won’t be disappointed.

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