About us

“Every human being is born great, armed with the power of imagination and the ability to create, we humans shape the world. Our greatness is not measured by our selfish acts, but by how we build one another to achieve a common goal. We are Dreams Of Tomorrow, driven by the desire to make a change. We are for the hustlers, the risk-takers, the ones at the forefront of progress and growth. We are for those who say, “let me try”. For it is our belief that the giants of tomorrow are all born today. We are DOT Made! Building tomorrow’s giants today.”

-TI Mahlangu-

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DOT Made is a company that is focused on e-commerce and small business solutions. Currently, we have developed our first e-commerce platform for the supply and sale of fashion products. We also deal with bulk supply of products such as stationery for schools and businesses.

Our aim is to help people, companies, and brands to break into the online market and also be sustainable during tough economic times. That is why we offer to manage online operations for businesses and individuals that sell with us and also work to provide great customer service to all customers that make use of our services.

Moreover, we strive to give peace of mind to customers whom we supply with bulk items as our core business is in retail and distribution of products. This ensures that we are well qualified to handle bulk orders and have them delivered on time.

Our vision

We aim to create a world where human potential is always at its prime and people are truly free to liberate themselves.

about us - our company - dot made

Our mission

To make business as easy as possible for everyone through technology.

dot made - how we work

How we work


Business to customer

Here we are more focused on customer service and customer experience. Our job is to simplify things for all our customers, be it online or through any of our stores. Customers can do their shopping in multiple ways:

  • Our website
  • Social media platforms
  • Direct communication channels such as telephone and quick message services.
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Business to business

Here we provide e-commerce services for businesses to help with marketing, sales and distribution of products. We also deal with the bulk supply of products to businesses such as stationery, IT Equipment and Personel Protective Clothing (PPE) to name a few.

Currently, we have worked with companies such as:

  • Hard-wares (sales and distributions)
  • Informal and formal businesses (Supply of stationery and IT Equipment)
  • Creches in townships (Supply of stationery)
  • Local brands (Sales and distributions)

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