About us

About Us

“Every human being is born great, armed with the power of imagination and the ability to create, we humans shape the world. Our greatness is not measured by our selfish acts, but by how we build one another to achieve a common goal. We are Dreams Of Tomorrow, driven by the desire to make a change. We are for the hustlers, the risk-takers, the ones at the forefront of progress and growth. We are for those who say, “let me try”. For it is our belief that the giants of tomorrow are all born today. We are DOT Made! Building tomorrow’s giants today.”

-TI Mahlangu-

– Since 2014 –


DOT Made is a company that is focused on e-commerce and small business solutions. Currently, we have developed our first e-commerce platform for the supply and sale of various products such as fashion, beauty and technology products.

Our aim is to help people, companies, and brands to break into the online market and also be sustainable during tough economic times. That is why we offer to manage online operations for businesses and individuals that sell with us and also work to provide great customer service to all customers that make use of our services.

Moreover, we strive to give peace of mind to customers whom we supply with bulk items as our core business is in retail and distribution of products. This ensures that we are well qualified to handle bulk orders and have them delivered on time.

Our vision

To help free people from physical, mental and spiritual poverty.

Our mission

To make business as easy as possible for everyone through technology.

How we work

It’s all about harmony for the investor and the customer

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The investors

Growth is an integral part of DOT Made. Our investment in e-commerce gives us the ability to create opportunities of investment for others. Here, our clients invest in inventory sold on our e-commerce platform. This allows them to benefit through commissions paid out from profits generated.

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Our customers

Our biggest investment is in our customers. Without them, we have no growth. Through our investment in e-commerce, we aim to provide them with exceptional service when shopping online.

Our investments

To us, investment is not just about making a profit. It is also about the love of creating something new.


Our investment in e-commerce is the backbone of our business. Our aim is to simply business, create new investment opportunities and to provide exceptional service to all our customers.

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Easy online shopping


Our investment into new brands is our way of expressing our love for creating new things. Here we invest in the future, betting on the small guys who have great potential to be big tomorrow.
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Scents of adventure. Inspired by the best

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A brand for the patient at heart

Our success lies in overcoming our challenges and failures. Hence it is said, “With every difficulty, there is ease.”

tony booi
tony booi
All the way from Capetown thank you thank you dot made your service is highly recommend and appreciated am now your new regular
Shadaé Pillay
Shadaé Pillay
Quick and efficient. Great communication. I purchase often from them
Dumisani Mthethwa
Dumisani Mthethwa
Order was delivered on time and a great service all the way until the delivery 🚚 of the 📦.
G Abrahams
G Abrahams
Love the variety of Dubai perfumes available as well as samples. Will definitely repurchase.
Venencia Ngcobo
Venencia Ngcobo
Orderd my perfume, and it arrived quicker than I thought. I love your service, keep up the good work
mosa plaatjie
mosa plaatjie
Thank you so much I'm am so excited got my order earlier than expected , got my order all the way to Cape Town in 4day 😊 I'm in love with my order.keep up the good service DOT MADE🙌
Taha Brown
Taha Brown
Good company to buy perfumes from. Affordable as well. The delivery service is quick and easy. When an item was missing from my order they responded and sent out the missing item with a two testers as well! Appreciate the service! Would highly recommend!
Mosetsanagape Mothibedi
Mosetsanagape Mothibedi
Best service! Order received within 2 days. Definitely buying again.