Arabian perfumes: A brief introduction.

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Arabian perfumes: A brief introduction.

What are Arabian perfumes?

Arabian perfumes are perfume brands manufactured by perfume hubs/companies in the Arabian peninsular. These include brands such as Lattafa, Fragrance world, FA Paris, Paris Corner, Emper perfumes and Al Haramain amongst many others. They are famous for producing quality perfumes which comprise of their own original scents as well as clones of niche and designer perfumes.

Companies such as Al Nuaim, Al Rehab and Surrati amongst many others are famous for producing concentrated oil perfumes.

Why are they popular?

The popularity of these perfume brands is due mainly to two factors. Affordability and quality. Though reasonably priced, their quality is exceptional. These include perfumes such as Charuto Tobacco Vanille (Inspired by Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille), Killer Oud Nights of Arabia (inspired by Byredo Black Saffron) and many others.

The future of Arabian perfumes

The perfume industry is proving to be big business and boasts a steadily growing market year or year. But with many people facing financial challenges, we see perfume lovers slowly moving away from high priced perfumes and running towards these reasonably priced perfumes. These offer almost the same quality, and at times even better than mainstream designer perfumes.

Arabian perfumes are definitely here to stay. Over time, they will pose a serious challenge to the more popular mainstream perfumes.

In this video of DOT Fragrances with Yusuf, we look into a brief introduction to Arabian perfumes.

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