About Yusufs Boutique

About Yusufs Boutique

Yusufs is a small boutique dedicated to providing the latest fashion trends at affordable prices. This includes items such as clothing, shoes and fashion accessories. The collection comprises of a mix of well know international brands and also local brands such as Napken and Sabali South Africa.

The beginning

Yusufs was founded by DOT Made as part of an internal marketing and brand building project on the 5th of June, 2016. The Project was firstly initiated in order to be used to test the development of the DOT Made website. The second reason was to fund the research and development department with profits generated from the sales.

Where Yusufs is today

Yusufs Boutique is currently based in the Maboneng Precinct, Johannesburg (Gauteng). Customers can visit the store to view a collection of their fashion items and also collect items ordered online. The brand expanded nationally to reach online shoppers around South Africa through dotmade.co.za and social media platforms.

Yusufs has been truly a great success since its founding. From an empty shop managed by two people to a shop that now employs three people in Johannesburg. The shop has grown over the 3 years and has been the main generator of revenue for DOT Made. Through Yusufs we have seen the DOT Made website improved from its humble beginnings to what it is today.


Yusufs provides the latest fashion trends at great prices, such as:

  • Clothing (T-shirts, Jeans, jackets and clothing accessories).
  • Shoes (Sneakers and formal shoes).
  • Wallets, watches and sunglasses.
  • Oil based and alcohol based perfumes.

You can view a collection of their products on DOT Made: