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Dreams of Tomorrow Marketing and Designz (Pty) Ltd (DOT made) is a millennial online marketing and business solutions company founded by Tshepang Mahlangu. The company is driven by the need to see growth in SME’s, entrepreneurs and talented individuals in South Africa. Since establishment in December 2014, the company has succeeded in developing its first online retail store that houses and promotes established and upcoming local brands and companies. DOT made is 100% Youth owned and is a Level 1 BBBEE contributor.

Our philosophy at DOT made, is based on the belief that in order for South Africa to grow, we all need to work together towards one goal of unity. We know that one talented individual can thrive, but the blending together of different talents can yield much greater results.

Our Vision

We aim to create an environment that unlocks and brings out the best in human potential.

Our Mission

To be the key solution to our client’s growth and success by understanding their vision and implementing ideas that help them overcome their challenges and become prosperous.

We’ve created an online economy that is accessible to SME’s in South Africa. With exciting content. Blending technology, digital marketing and social media, we promote a variety of goods and services to enable brands and companies reach their ideal targeted audiences, improve their revenue and become more competitive.

The DOT Made Store

The DOT Made store (www.dotmade.co.za) is a virtual mall where customers can cruise around different sections of the store to find exactly what they are looking for. The brands and businesses signed onto the store will receive numerous benefits including, but not limited to;

An advertising platform: The store allows the user to create their own store within the main website and each store will get exposed to the traffic that is generated from customers logging in to find stores they are familiar with or searching for products and services they may need. This creates a sharing scenario where storeowners can share each other’s client base and newer brands can get discovered a bit easier.

An online profile for startups: It’s not often that startups can afford to develop their own websites, and their stores provide them with the perfect platform for profiling themselves. . Here, they can share information about their brands and products, and link them up to their social media platforms.

A safe and effective E-commerce platform: The store is designed to receive payments on behalf of the storeowners. This saves them time and money, as setting up online stores can be very expensive.

Exposure to tourists. DOT Made is an African Mall in the Sky and because it’s online, storeowners will benefit from the Marketing campaign that has been created to market the DOT Made brand. The campaign includes targeting tourists who are visiting hot spots in South Africa such as Maboneng and other exciting areas in South Africa.

Apart from business benefits, DOT Made is addressing more serious issues with this website. There is high unemployment rate especially amongst youth in South Africa, and some of the unemployed have amazing skills in terms of creativity, something they can make a living out of. With our ability to create a sharing scenario, unemployed youth can begin to create opportunities for themselves on various platforms. We hope to create a better motivated community that inspires us to achieve greater things. Such an environment will create a new breed of modern innovative entrepreneurs that make the best of what they have to achieve great success. We know that happiness allows people to showcase their true potential.

Maboneng home-base

We have chosen Maboneng to be the new home for the project. This is because of the type of rich urban African culture in the area that inspires creativity and fuels young people to achieve more in life – this is directly aligned to our vision and mission what we wish to achieve. Apart from tourists coming to Maboneng, locals also visit the place especially during particular events. Patrons of Maboneng will now have the opportunity to buy products and services available in Maboneng on the DOT Made store.

Our current focus will be on fashion, arts and food, these are the stores that currently dominate Maboneng, and they compliment each other. We will expand into other categories with time.

What we’ve achieved thus far:

First online mall from Ekurhuleni.

First 100% African owned online mall in Gauteng and possibly South Africa.

First 100% youth owned online mall (of its caliber) in Gauteng and possibly in South Africa.

The next steps:

We plan to continue improving our website based on the type of stores that start to come on board. We want to share more information on how to use the website and the idea behind it can be found on our upcoming blogs.   We will also be seeking a major partner to help us boost our marketing efforts and also to increase our workforce to bring quick improvements to the website as currently the project is self funded by DOT made.

We will be implementing our marketing strategy to continue adding more stores to the platform and grow our online community.


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