Pendora Scents

Pendora Scents Perfumes, an alluring perfume brand, invites fragrance enthusiasts to embark on an extraordinary olfactory journey. As a subsidiary of Paris Corner, this brand is nestled in the heart of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, a city renowned for its vibrancy. Pendora Scents has made a mark in the world of perfumery by specializing in the creation of exquisite clones inspired by globally acclaimed designer and niche fragrances.

With a commitment to quality and innovation, Pendora Scents offers a unique opportunity to experience the magic of luxury scents at affordable prices. Each perfume captures the spirit of adventure and echoes the sophistication of Dubai’s modern essence.

From woody to floral to musky aromas, the collection curated by Pendora Scents Perfumes caters to a diverse range of tastes. The brand’s perfumes tell distinct stories, inviting individuals to discover fragrances that mirror their unique identity.


5-10% Off

5% Off when you take 6 – 9 Spray Perfumes 

10% Off when you take 10+ Spray Perfumes