Our Company

“Every human being is born great, armed with the power of imagination and the ability to create, we humans shape the world. Our greatness is not measured by our selfish acts, but by how we build one another to achieve a common goal. We are Dreams Of Tomorrow, driven by the need to make a change. We are for the hustlers, the risk takers, the ones at the forefront of progress and growth. We are for those who say, “let me try”. For it is our belief that the giants of tomorrow are all born today. We are DOT made! Building tomorrows giants today

-TI Mahlangu-


We aim to create a world where human potential is always at its prime and people are truly free to explore their being and liberate themselves from mental slavery and poverty.


To make business as easy as possible for all those who aspire and work to serve the needs of humanity through technology.


We skilfully transform your vision into compelling Logos and other Corporate Identity tools that resonate with your target audience. Our solutions ensure your web and mobile app needs are well catered for.

Dreams of Tomorrow Marketing and Designz (Pty) Ltd (DOT made) is a millennial tech driven, marketing and business solutions company founded by Tshepang Mahlangu (25). We are driven by the need to see growth in entrepreneurship and local brands in South Africa. Since establishment in December 2014, we have succeeded in developing our first online mall that aims to house and promote established and upcoming local brands and companies.  DOT made is 100% Youth owned and is a Level 1 BBBEE contributor.


At DOT made, we believe that the growth of our nation lies in us working together as a single mould driven towards one goal. One talent can shine, but blending different talents together can yield much greater results, that is why we believe in our vision and mission that governs how we perform and unify people.




As a perfectionist with a strong sense of nature, his exceptional intellectual capacity enables him to rattle human possibilities. Tshepang assumes formlessness, is thorough, forward thinking, fluid, imaginative, resourceful and detailed in his manner.