Hand Made to perfection
HULM Authentics| Hand Made to perfection

HULM is a collector of genuine leather products, hand made to perfection. Our Genuine Leather products are guaranteed to last. Show them love and they will last you a life time.

The word HULM is an Arabic word to which it’s meaning includes words such as dream, patience, forbearance and tolerance. The word itself brings a strong meaning to the brand, as the intension behind the brand is also strong.

HULM was founded under DOT Made by Tshepang Mahlangu and is co-owned by Shahid Achmat. All of HULM’s products are hand made and are also made in South Africa. HULM is currently found exclusively on Products purchased can be delivered to customers or picked up at any Yusufs Boutique store.

Why start the HULM Brand

Our aim is to create a brand that provides our growing online market on with beautiful, authentic and quality hand crafted products. These include hand made bags, wallets, shoes and other fashion accessories to name a few. This will allow us to help the manufacturers and producers of these items to generate sales and benefit from their work. Our task is to take care of the marketing, sales and distributions for them.

The future of HULM

We hope to see this brand grow strong and be of great benefit to those who are dreamers and creators of these amazing items that need a lot of time and forbearance to see them come to existence. Amongst our plans is to see HULM grow to have its own stores across the country and also expand the brands reach across Africa and other continents around the globe.

HULM products are available for purchase on the DOT Made: