DOT Made E-Commerce

How it all works
DOT Made E-commerce

DOT Made is a company that is focused on e-commerce and business solutions. Currently, we have developed the first 100% Black and youth owed multi-store online market in South Africa.

Our aim is to help local companies and brands (Like Napken) to break into the online market and also be sustainable during tough economic times. That is why we offer to manage online operations for business that sell with us (Like Yusufs and HULM) and also work to provide great customer service to all customers that shop with us. 

Moreover, we strive to give online shoppers peace of mind as they know they are dealing with a reliable and trustworthy company on the online shopping space. So with that explained in short, how does DOT Made do business?

How we work

At DOT Made, we are currently focused on two aspects of our business. Firstly, we have an e-commerce platform that caters for both the needs of customers and other businesses. Secondly, we have a department that deals with innovation and technology for our business services side.

For now, we will look a bit into how we work on the E-commerce side of out business, that being with customers and other businesses. The infographic chart below best simplifies how DOT Made E-commerce works.

DOT Made E-commerce infographic chart

Business to customer

Customers and payments

Here we are more focused on customer service and customer experience. Our job is to simply things for all our customers, be it online or through any of our stores.

Online Customers an do their shopping directly on our e-commerce website or through social media (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp). Customers who are close to any of our stores they can visit and do all their shopping there.

Communications and delivery

Our internal team is always in direct communication with our customers. By doing so, we ensure that we deliver uniform service. Unlike what we would get if we have multiple companies handling communications with customers. That way we can keep a strong and close relationship with our customers driven by trust and familiarity.

Once customers have placed and paid for orders, we ensure that packages are delivered directly to them or through pick up points. We’re also able to do product returns and exchanges online with ease. To achieve this, we assign couriers to pick up packages directly from our customers. Other packages can be dropped off at any of our stores.

Business to business

Our e-commerce site is not just a tool to help us make money. We designed and developed it in such a way that it brings great benefit to local businesses. How is this achieved?

Businesses or brands that want to sell on our e-commerce platform can do it in two ways.

Firstly, they can send us their stock on consignment. That way we are responsible for storage and distribution of the stock. Based on what has been sold, we then process and forward payments to vendors. This works very well with clothing brands or individuals who just don’t have the time to consistently market their products.

Secondly, businesses that do have storage or an existing shop can be able to sell their products online by opening a vendor account with us and manage it themselves. Any orders made on our e-commerce platform will be pushed to vendors to fulfil. So vendors will take on all costs associated with logistics. Payments are made to businesses based on completed orders after a specified number of days.

So our main aim here is to maintain harmony on both sides. Thus ensuring that customers get the best service online and on the ground. While we also ensure that we do our outmost best to help businesses thrive. So whether you just want to shop online or sell online, DOT Made is here for you.