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slow adoption of technology

Long have ‘we’ lamented at the pace at which we adopt technology into business in Africa. As far as I’m concerned we have had a long enough time to leapfrog and take advantage of the gains the rest of the world has made available to us in the form of technologies that are accessible to all. So ‘we’ waited but the pace of change has been slower than the speed of smell in slow motion.

It is apparent now that we ought to be the change we seek. Behold DOT Made The mall in the sky,  your new e-commerce solution. The core of what is manifesting before your very eyes is an effort to bring you tools that will BOOST your sales and brand recognition for your business through online shopping and retailing.

Easy as blinking

I kid. Doing business in Africa is not for the faint of heart. But we have made it easier. A 6 year old could operate on this platform. No joke!!

Here is the first of many “How to guides” on how to make the most of this platform.  Without going into detail – here is how it works.

You want to sell something?

Setting up a store is pretty simple but you will need to be guided and also made familiar with the dashboard once your application has been approved, and this is how you apply:

  1. First you need to fill up the vendor application form, which you simply find by first clicking on the settings icon (top right after the cart), click on “Open your store” to be led to the registration page.

    Vendor Application form

    DOT Made Vendor’s Application form

  2. Simply fill up the form accordingly:
    • Store name – The Store name is simply what your business will be called in The mall in the sky.
    • About Store – This is a short brief about your business and offerings. Try to keep it short and straight to the point so that you can pass on the message of what you are about quickly to online shoppers who just want to know more about you.
    • Message to the Landlord – Simply brief the Landlord about your business and what you intend to sell. Include things such as links to your social media profiles and more, whatever you can share to support your application.
    • Store Commission Rate – Don’t panic, that 90% commission is for you. The remaining 10% is a basic fee we charge for transactional sales (which we still need to pay for keeping you safe fraud and such) and also helps us to keep our lights on for you.
    • Store Payment Method – This is how you would like to be paid your commission. You can use PayPal or change to “Custom Payment” and simply add the details in the text box.
    • Store Logo – This is the identity of your store. Please avoid adding an image with your face on it anything that does not qualify to be a logo. If you need help creating a logo, we can also assist you with that, simply check our pricing on the “About Us” page as you scroll to the bottom. If you don’t have a logo, don’t insert anything for now.
    • Now once that is all done, simply agree to send the form by clicking the check box and click on “Submit form” and you are done.

After the store is approved, we load products!

Once your application is approved, you will get access to your “DashBoard” and be able to upload products, blogs and more. But the first step is always business driven, uploading products to start selling! For tutorials on this look out for more blogs to come or simply contact DOT Made for assistance. For now lets just touch base on few important points.

Product images

Take a picture and needless to say, it is better if you make it pretty. There are a lot of apps out there to bring out your products true beauty. The best way to do it is to take photos on a clean background white background, to remove the background entirely or to have a clean well presentable background (for examples check what other products look like). Upload your product image (Square image) – you can factor in our small commission (in your pricing) to ensure you stay profitable and BOOM we are one step closer to world peace.

If you need assistance with taking great product shots, contact DOT Made for assistance with your photography needs.


There is a door to door delivery service which is an add on service, for more info on how you can take advantage of that simply contact DOT Made for assistance. Our aim is to create a business utopia where we are all linked to one another on one platform. We aim to promote business to business e-commerce and as well as the traditional business to consumer trade. We are going to be ruthless in our endeavor to be the best e-commerce site the world has ever seen.

To close, we must take cognizance at the fact that all we enjoy in this world has been brought to us by someones business, and for most of us here in Africa these conveniences come from far flung shores while we could improve our lot by supporting local efforts. Local is LEKKER!


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